Online Business/Corporate English (10 lessons)



$650 CAD for 10 one-hour lessons! By expert tutors who will make you succeed at work!

Are you worried about the next presentation in English? How about your next meeting? Are your emails creating misunderstandings? Are you travelling to meet your English speaking contacts? Do you need help with negotiations and bargaining? Do you need English for that all-important promotion? Are you looking for work or a better job? Do you need help with your CV? Do you need job search strategies? Are you ready for that important job interview in English?

In business and corporate environments, it is all about WHO DO YOU KNOW! Your improved English skills will help you get on to the positive side of the people who you know or who you want/need to know!

The lessons are private, one-to-one and customized. We give you the needed professionalism that is currently lacking with your business or corporate English skills. We make learning enjoyable in a relaxing environment.

Improving your business and corporate English skills are a must in today’s global markets. Building your confidence, skills and understanding of the English culture are all very important for those important interviews, meetings, presentations, reports and emails, etc. This course includes many of the topics below:

  • Reports, Document Writing
  • Jobs: CVs, Cover Letters, Interviewing Skills
  • Meetings
  • Presentations, Speeches
  • Telephone skills, Conference Calls
  • Emails
  • Travel
  • Negotiations
  • Diplomacy
  • Business newspapers (Harvard Business Review, The New York Times, Business News Daily, Forbes, Business Insider, Fortune, Inc., The Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg)
  • English for Marketing, Sales and Promotions
  • English for Accounting, Finance, Economics and Statistics
  • English for Management, Human Resources and Customer Service
  • English for Entrepreneurs, Banking and Investment
  • Letters, Memos and Proposals
  • Pronunciation
  • Business vocabulary, phrasal verbs, idioms and expressions
  • Business Dialogues and everyday situations

We are experts with 25+ years of testing experience! We make English use at work easy to understand! Achieve desired results!