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  • motivated
  • ambitious
  • committed
  • dedicated
  • determined
  • outstanding
  • persistent
  • hard-working
  • high-achievers
  • never say never
  • dreamers


  • business owners
  • managers
  • workers/employees/employers
  • professionals
  • coaches
  • students
  • test takers
  • immigrants
  • job seekers
  • career changers
  • work at home


  • be confident & engaging!
  • be effective/efficient communicator!
  • deliver inspiring/engaging presentations!
  • deliver the perfect emails & reports!
  • flourish in meetings!
  • ace job interviews and tests!
  • write the perfect thesis!
  • get your dream job!
  • be accepted at your dream school!
  • be offered opportunities!
  • boost networks & contacts!


We help you get better with English online!

We are motivated, native English speakers who are certified English teachers with degrees. Our senior teacher has taught English as a second language 25+ years. We have taught English globally, including in classrooms and face-to-face. Now we have been tutoring online for 10+ years to global learners.
We teach you to understand what you are learning. Learning does not need to be complicated. We help you understand by simplifying everything using words and ideas that is easy for you to understand and use. We do NOT have our "heads in the clouds" (to be out of touch with the everyday world and to be unrealistic because of it). As many of us are multilingual, we understand the challenges of learning a new skill, a new language.
What makes us different? Well, we are so involved and passionate in what we do. We teach you every lesson from start to finish. Learning for you never stops. Our goal is to create GOOD English habits. We CARE about your learning so much that we partner with you for your entire learning journey, from start to finish. Why? Your results are as important to us as they are to you.
Are we the best? We leave that opinion up to you, but after 25+ years of teaching experiences, our learners seem to think we are among the best if not the best one!
Are there any guarantees? We guarantee your English will improve. We guarantee you will be better prepared for tests with a very good opportunity to succeed. We guarantee you will be in a better position in business or corporate environment, for that meeting, that presentation, that promotion, those opportunities, etc. We guarantee results because:
(1) We provide the tools to succeed. You'll know where you are with your English.
(2) You are hungry for knowledge. You make the time because learning English is important to you NOW.
(3) You are motivated. You start hungry, then we feed you the tools for more knowledge. You see the results right away.
(4) You are serious. You would not waste your time, our time and your money.
(5) Learning is an investment. The tools we provide to you serves not only your current goals, but future goals as well. You will use these skills in many aspects of your life forever.
(6) We are good at what we do. The experience, the dedication and the goal to help you be as perfect as possible is what motivates us. We don't partner with lazy learners. We don't partner with unfriendly learners. We don't partner with learners thinking knowledge is free. We partner with you because we both decided to work together and enjoy an adventure never before experienced by you.

We use Motivated, Thoughtful, Detailed Lesson Plan Structures for Coherence & Final Objective Achievement!

Presentation Practice Production (P.P.P.)
Test Teach Test (T.T.T.)
Task-Based Learning (T.B.L.)

Our Learners Like What We Do!!!

Our learner lesson renewal rate is at 90%!!!
Our learner retention rate is at 75%!!!
Our learner referral rate is at 50%!!!

90% of our learners renew for more lessons!!!
75% of our learners stay with us for many days, weeks, months and even years!!!
50% of our learners refer other learners to us!!!

90% of our learners are referred to us by other people, either directly or indirectly. We advertise, but our business is based on referrals. It is not what we say about us that is so important. It is what our learners, our clients, say about us that means EVERYTHING!

Online Tutoring, training and coaching

We are ONLINE, so we use Google Meet, Skype, Zoom or Microsoft Teams for our lessons. You may click on the images below to register for free if you do not already have an account. For Google Meet and Microsoft Teams, you do not need to have an account to attend meetings.

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Online Private 1:1 English Lessons

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We make Learning and Improving your English Easy to Understand!

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Please refer to our FAQ page link for more information. You may refer to our BLOG page link as we share some useful tips and links. If you still need information, do not hesitate to contact us by message using the CONTACT page link.