Online English Trial Lesson (1 hour)


One-hour trial lesson to evaluate your English.


$40 CAD for one hour! By expert English tutors! We help you succeed! We give you tips during this trial lesson!!!

This is a private, one-to-one lesson that is 100% focused on you.

Ready to learn English or take your English to the next level? Not sure where to start? Not satisfied with past English learning experiences? Do you want to know your current English level? Do you want to know what we can do for you?

This one-hour English trial lesson assesses your English, your English use(s), what you know and don’t know, what’s important and unimportant, why you need English, your objectives, your learning history, your time frame to learn and we give you tips!!!

We make English learning simple in a relaxing environment. We help you create a plan, according to your availability, to improve your English level. We help you with your motivation. We help you get organized. We give you tips and strategies that change and evolve as your English skills change and evolve.

We are experts with 25+ years of English teaching! We make learning English easy to understand! Our teaching style is compatible to your needs! We are different! Don’t wait any longer! Give it a try!