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Thank you from a few of our successful online English learners! We were very happy to help them! And, so were they!

“I really appreciate your class. My score improved a lot in a short term. Your class helped me a lot. It’s enough score to apply to university here. I already applied to UBC (University of British Columbia). I’m really happy that I got a chance to apply. Thank you very much!”
– N. Yamamoto (Japan)

“The tutor started to teach me in May when I was in France. The tutor was my second English tutor on the phone. As I enjoyed the tutor’s lessons so much, when I moved to the USA in August, I contacted the tutor back and restarted English lessons. I can’t believe I have been with the same tutor for more than 2 years. I loved so much the tutor’s way of tutoring!
The first 6 months we reviewed English grammar, and the tutor let me talk. Then the lessons focused on pronunciation (the toughest sounds for native French speakers). The last lessons were more talking. I loved the tutor’s lesson evaluation reports. I kept all of them, and I still look at them!
I learned so much with this tutor, and won’t ever forget my tutor! The tutor gave me confidence to talk and to write in English. I highly recommend!
– C. Poncon (France)

thank you from English learners
Thank you from English learners
satisfied English corporate learner
Satisfied English corporate learners

“What I like about my classes with the tutor is that the tutor personalizes the lessons according to where we are located in our knowledge. The tutor helped me a lot with my pronunciation to make me look like a real anglophone. The tutor is professional and very competent!”
– N. Daoust (French Canada)

“The tutor is a friendly teacher who is always on time. If a schedule change occurs, the tutor adapts easily and finds a time that works for everyone. The tutor uses a participatory approach. The tutor is very good at listening and is interested in the student’s life, so it is a great strategy to get in touch with the student and make him/her talk. It doesn’t affect the vocabulary to look poor; it encourages discussion. After several months of English lessons, I have practically gotten rid of my shyness in speaking English, and that I have improved my language considerably. I really enjoyed my experience studying with the tutor and warmly recommend!”
– R. Dubois (French Canada)

“The tutor is a very competent English teacher with strong work ethics. The tutor possesses an open, accessible personality, and sensitive to the issues involved in cross-cultural communication as well as relationships at a professional level. I consider the tutor to be a very competent specialist in such fields as English language teaching methodology, educational technologies, language testing, assessment and material design. I found the tutor to be committed and hard-working!”
– H. Qu (Canada)

“I was tutored for my IELTS examination preparation. The tutor worked with a high degree of professionalism. The tutor is well-liked and admired. The tutor always puts extra efforts and creativity into the lessons and takes a great interest in the personal well-being of the student!”
– S. Chen (China)

thank you from English test learner
Thank you from English test learners
help business English learner
We helped these business English learners

The tutor has a thorough grasp of the subject matter in transferring knowledge to the student. The experience as well as the tutor’s ability as an English teacher has given me confidence!
– J. Song (China)

“The tutor always kept productive lessons to teach more without spending time just for chatting!”
– K.H. Kim (Korea)

“English with the tutor are meetings where it’s possible to learn, improve and practice English by addressing subjects that interest me. By spending a moment in complete confidence in a suitable and equally professional environment, the lessons with the tutor met my needs.
– M. Martin (French Canada)

“First, I did the IELTS preparatory training with the tutor, and the tutor helped me attain a grade to enter a PhD program. Later, the tutor helped me immensely to edit my PhD thesis (paper) to my professors abroad, but before I wanted a critical grammar review. The paper contained about 25 pages, and I had ten days to deliver it. Thanks for the corrections, editing and review. I really liked it! And, so did my professors!
-J. Uchôa (Brazil)

“I strongly recommend the tutor if you would like to take English lessons. Does not matter what level you are at, or your learning needs; the tutor will personalize. I am really impressed how my English presentation and writing skills have improved. I took many English classes before, and never had the results I am getting with this tutor. The tutor helped build my confidence. I also appreciate the flexibility. I am sure you will not be disappointed!
-J.A. Coudry (French Canada)

English learner testimonial
More English learner testimonials
Government of Canada English Test

“I just want to let you know that I have finally gotten my “C” for the oral test. I can now return to work for real and take on new projects!
I would like to thank you for your support and your excellent teaching.”
– L. Fernandez (Service Canada, Gouvernement du Canada – French Canada)

Government of Canada Manager

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