English expert – using “DO” in the past & present

Be an English expert using the verb “DO” correctly! It is no secret that learning English (and becoming an English expert) is no easy feat! Many English learners have difficulty learning English. This is because one of the problems is that learners are not certain what are the most important topics to learn. Like all languages, grammar is important. The verb DO is one of the most important verbs to master in English. So, there is no excuse. Master the verb DO!
Click on the image below and follow the short and easy-to-understand YouTube video. This video, from SOS English Tutor, demonstrates the uses of the verb DO. The video focuses on the simple past and simple present verb tenses.
Of course, the verb DO is more complicated. However, this video is a good beginning to mastering the basic use of the verb DO. Like anything you learn, start and master the basics. Then explore more advanced scenarios that include exceptions and fixed (need to remember) expressions and phrases. This will help you be an English expert using the verb DO correctly!