Awesome Easy English Learning TIPS and TRICKS For Better Results!

English learning tips and tricks
English learning tips and tricks

Hello Learners. Do you want to know what makes learning English not so difficult? Please read these TIPS and TRICKS below:

  • When learning English, the most important of all Tips and Tricks is to TALK, TALK, and then TALK some more! Talk as much and as often as you can!
  • DON’T be shy! The more you try, the more confident you will be with your English!
  • LEARN from your mistakes! Part of learning or improving English is to learn from your mistakes!
  • MISTAKES mean you know your problems! Know your English issues so that we, as your learning partner, can help fix your difficulties!
  • LISTEN to others speak English anywhere, anyhow and anytime! Listen to how others speak English! Imitate (copy) how others speak!
  • DON’T think about it, just speak English! The more you wait and think about it, the more difficult English learning is!
  • NEVER apologize (“I’m sorry, but I don’t speak English very well”) when making mistakes! English learning allows you to make mistakes!
  • FEAR stops English learning! To be afraid of other people laughing at you slows down your English learning progress!
  • REMEMBER, we all experienced English learning! We know what you’re experiencing! You are not alone! As English tutors, we can help!
  • DON’T quit English learning! Some of the greatest skills in life take longer to learn!
  • GUARANTEED!!! The more and longer you practice English learning, the better you will be!
  • AVOID translating word-by-word when learning English! Dictionaries are for vocabulary building! We need sentences to understand the context with all the clues in conversations, from body language to actions and images all around us!
  • MAKE notes when learning English! We help you with that!
  • SET clear English learning goals! Remember what is most important (not everything is the most important at that moment), and to stay motivated, ask yourself “Why you’re doing what you’re doing?”!
  • CHANGE English learning method! Part of learning is finding new ways! Different English learning methods result in quicker results!
  • Each English learner has unique English learning needs. Books are helpful, but they are not everything! That’s why a good tutor helps!
  • Be and stay POSITIVE when English learning! Some days are better than others! Keep trying! You will get there!

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